Autism occurs in one of every 150 births. Four boys are affected for every one girl.  As of November 2007,  every child must be evaluated for Autism at 18 month and 24 months.  Dr. Frank Maye is trained by Defeat Autism Now! and is one of America's best medical investigators.  He has reserched all the possible causes and strongly feels that all families should be aware of what role nutrition plays in their child's healthcare.Dr Frank Maye has created a special two hour intake designed to examine possible causes and remedies. Families have their child's case history explained!

Attended Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Confreneces 2006- 2008

Dr. Maye has the background to give advice on Homeopathy and Homotoxicology with regards to Autistic children. During a typical visit Dr. Frank Maye will discuss some of the following topics:


          Family History

          Child’s History (Conception to present)



          Why Homeopathy

          What Vitamins

          Why neurotransmitter testing


          Yeast Infections

          Putting together a healthcare team

          Why and when Chelation

          Your personal questions

These topics are just the beginning!  We are glad to be a part of your team.

 "Treatment for Autism is a marathon and not a sprint".

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